Safety & Security

Security measures are for the benefit of all passengers.

We ask for your cooperation. Per federal law, all passengers ages 18 - 64 must present a valid and current driver’s license, passport, or other photo identification (ID) in order to purchase a ticket. Passengers must carry this ID when onboard the train. Passengers under 18 who do not have a photo ID must have an adult 18 or over (with a photo ID) purchase their ticket(s). For passengers 65 and over, ID is required only to prove eligibility for discounted fares.

Trust Your Instincts

Please report any suspicious, unmarked, or unattended items immediately to a station agent or train crew member, or call Amtrak Police at (800) 831-0008. By being watchful and observant you can help make our trains more safe and secure for everyone. Thank you for doing your part!

California Operation Lifesaver

The California Department of Transportation partners with Operation Lifesaver to promote railroad safety awareness and education.

For more information visit:

Amtrak California Rail Safety

Our Rail Safety Videos remind you to Be Track Smart.