The future for the Point West Area is bright and promising.  Plug into the excitement by joining other Point West businesses and employers as we work with Cal Expo to unfold the possibilities of a potential NBA arena on the redeveloped grounds of the California State Fair. And, join us as we work with the City of Sacramento to create a vision for Point West as a key activity center in the City’s new General Plan.

Dues schedule is below.

Employers in the Point West Area with full employee benefits

#employees           dues #employees             dues
Under 20               $200 1,500-1,999            $2,000
21-100                   $500 2,000-2,999            $2,500
101 -500                $750 3,000-3,999            $3,000
501 -999               $1,000 4,000-4,999            $3,500
1,000 – 1,499       $1,500 5,000 or more         $4,000


For vendors, supporters and entities located outside the TMA boundaries with no employee benefits

Individual              $50 Associate                $500


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