The Point West Area TMA will provide up to $5,000 in subsidies for the purchase of new bicycles, bicycle accessories and bicycle replacement parts in 2013.

This program is only available to commuters who work for a Point West Area TMA member.  (Kaiser Permanente – Arden, Kaiser Permanente – Fair Oaks, Kaiser Permanente – Morse Ave, Kaiser Permanente – Point West, Cal Expo, Patrick Buzarellos, Arden Fair Mall, Hines Properties at University Avenue, Hines Properties at Arden Way, 301 University)

A review panel will make the final selection of subsidy recipients based on information provided by the applicants.  Please note that applicants can submit additional information and letters of support.

Applicants must be members of the on-line Commuter Club ( and must complete  and pass an on-line Bike Safety Quiz.

Subsidy participants also agree to log a minimum of 12 bike commute trips during the Month of May at  Recreational and errand trips can also be logged but can not substitute for the required bike commute trips.

The cap for individual subsidies of $300. Participants may only receive a portion of the requested subsidy.  $25 of the subsidy will be withheld until the 12 bike commute trips are logged in May.

Time Line and Guidelines

Feb 15 – Deadline for submitting application
March 1 – Approved applications are announced
March 29 – All bicycles, accessories or replacement parts are purchased and receipts emailed to the TMA.
April 5 – Applicants are emailed the on-line Bike Safety Quiz.
April 15– 5 – Checks (minus $25) are mailed (upon receipt of passed Safety Quiz)
May – applicants log 12 bike commute trips
June 1 - $25 gift cards are mailed.

Click here for application form.

Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente