Amtrak Careers

Amtrak employs thousands of diverse, energetic professionals in a variety of career fields. The success of the railroad is the result of high quality applicants. Amtrak is an equal opportunity employer, and offers competitive salaries and benefits.

Find out about current job openings at Amtrak, including position summaries and required qualifications, on the Amtrak jobs website:

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State of California Careers

The State of California is an equal employment opportunity employer. Employment with the State of California begins with a seven-part process: 

  1. Examining
  2. Becoming reachable on a list
  3. Locating a vacant position
  4. Participating in a hiring interview
  5. Passing Medical Examinations, if job required
  6. Depending on the classification, pre-employment drug tests
  7. Completing a probationary period

For a list of exams being offered, and to view other California government employment opportunities visit the State of California Personnel Board.

View Caltrans Employment Opportunities.