The idea of an organization focused on the transportation needs of the Point West Area started in 1992 with a workshop to discuss mobility.  Approximately 20 people attended representing employers, Arden Fair Mall, Regional Transit, the local air district and the City. Participants reached consensus on ten specific strategies for improving mobility for the area.  The number one strategy was to further study the feasibility of forming a Transportation Management Association (TMA).

The feasibility study revealed that transportation and parking issues were important to the Point West business community.  Based on these findings, Caltrans approved a $75,0000 grant to launch the Point West Area TMA.

Over the past 16 years, the TMA has played a vital role in helping the area achieve better mobility through improved transportation systems and trip reductions programs.  But, as the only professional association serving the specific Point West Area, the TMA has also become the advocate for the area, promoting the community within the community and to the rest of the region.

Point West Bike Commute Subsidy Program